Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colton is 6 months!

My little buddy is 6 months tomorrow (at 10:23am!), so I thought I would document his day today with pictures to remember what life was like with him at this age....

6:00am: feed Colton, put him back to bed for a bit more sleep....
 ***Mommy does a P90x workout***
7:30am: get him up for the day and read him his Bible story
"Woah, look at those dudes..."
"What's going to happen next?!?"
"Great story!"
 7:45am: I take a shower while Colton hangs out in his jungle.

(In actuality, this was the only smile I got from him....he was pretty mad about me getting in the shower and not holding him!)

8:15am: Summer is awake!  Time for Colton to play in the bouncer while Mommy goes to get Summer
"Mom, I am not too happy about being put in here right now...."
 8:30am: Time to eat breakfast!  Colton got to try applesauce with his rice cereal for the first time.

8:45am: All done eating and time to jam with "Party Like a Preschooler" by Go Fish Guys.  Colton's face at my "dance moves" was priceless!
"Wow, mom, you need to work on your dance moves!"

 9:00am: Tummy Time!
9:15am: Nap Time
***Mommy cleans up breakfast dishes, folds laundry and Summer and Mommy read some library books***

10:00am: Colton wakes up and reads library books with Mommy and Summer

10:15am: head out on errands

11:00am: Library story time.  Today's theme was transportation so we sang songs and read books that had to do with trucks, buses, cars, etc.

Sitting on the story mat at the library
12:00pm: Lunch at McDonald's with some friends and playtime for Summer at the play place--great for a rainy fall day!

My two kids in high chairs :-)
 1:00pm: Home for Colton's nap.
***Mommy and Summer cleaned up and then colored til Summer's naptime***

2:30pm: Colton wakes up!  (I was going to take a picture but he wasn't too happy when he woke up!!)

Our typical evening includes one more nap for Colton, dinner around 6:30, fussy Colton from 7-7:30, bathtime at 7:30 and betime at 8.  Tonight Grandma is coming to babysit while Daddy and Mommy go to Bible study.

At 6 months, Colton:
-has two teeth, loves to be held (and can be fussy when set down), loves Go Fish music, is now sleeping unswaddled, almost always is sucking on his fingers, has had his hair (i.e. his "spike") trimmed once, takes roughly 3 naps a day, is very tickleish, loves to hear himself cough, and has the best smile! 

Every day is different, but here is a snapshot of Colton at 6 months!  We go in for Colton's 6 month check-up on Friday and I'm excited to see what he weighs!

Love you, Colton buddy!


Jill said...

Happy half birthday, Colton Buddy! Your giggles and smiles are priceless! Love you!

The O'Connor Family said...

Happy 6 months Colton....you have the sweetest smile!

Where is the time gong, Kel???? Halfway to one already!!!!

The Baum Family said...

Happy 6 months, cutie Colton!!! Loved seeing a glimpse into his day. :)

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