Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting the Go Fish Guys!

This morning was seriously one of the coolest ever!!!!!  We got to meet the Go Fish Guys!

Grandma Kirkwood went to a fundraising auction a few months ago and bid on a Go Fish Guys package (Summer and Colton's favorite music group).  Part of the deal was going to a recording session.  They have their recording studio right in Lakeville (not far from us).  This morning we went and met them and listened to them recording a song for their new album that will come out sometime before Christmas.  It was so much fun to meet them!  Here are a few pictures and videos....

With Jamie and Jason

Thumbs up!

Jason recording

We learned about how they record each line of the song 3 times to make the voice sound more full

Tour of the Studio

Talking about the clip they were going to record

Jason recording a clip
Summer and Colton Dancing as they listen

Singing Wheels on the Bus with the Go Fish Guys
**Here is the link to the version the Go Fish Guys have on their "Party Like a Preschooler CD", which is Summer's favorite!

Thank you, Grandma, for letting us come with you!  Thank you, Go Fish Guys, for making Summer's favorite music, music that calms a fussy Colton, music that Mom and Dad enjoy, and music that is both fun and glorifies God!


Jill said...

It was such a fun outing!!! Jamie and Jason are really great guys and they are both daddies of young ones so they related to Summer and Colton really well. I also found out they both used to live in Woodbury!

The Baum Family said...


Jessi Brink said...

AWESOME!!!!!! How cool! I didn't realize they were a local band!

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