Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brother Sister Moments

It has been really cute to watch Summer and Colton interacting lately!  My top three moments in the past few days have been...

1) Watching Summer feed Colton puffs
2) Watching Summer "dress up" Colton with her high heels and crown
3) Watching Summer giggle as Colton "enthusiastically" eats his food!

I tried to catch Colton's enthusiastic eating on video, but after his first bite, he became more interested in Summer!  Anyway, if you watch how he ate the first bite on this clip, and then picture him doing it repeatedly....this is what had Summer and I laughing!


Jill said...

Can't help but smile watching this. Colton sure is a voracious eater. Love that attack of the spoonful of food. And, Summer's giggles in the background are fun, too.

The O'Connor Family said...

Is that oatmeal Colton is eating so enthusiastically? I get quite the opposite reaction from jade when I give her rice cereal, oatmeal or green beans! He's SO cute!

The Baum Family said...

Haha! Too funny!!! Love the video, Kel

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