Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sydney turns 2!!!

Summer's friend Sydney turned 2 last Friday, the 10th, and Summer and Colton loved celebrating with Sydney at her puppet party!  Apple Valley has a traveling puppet wagon that puts on shows at different parks, so Sydney had her party at one of these parks.   The show also included interactive games for the kids and a craft.  After the show, the kids got to play at the park, and then they had lunch and cupcakes.  Here are a few pictures...

Ready to head to the park where the puppet show is!

Sydney's mommy gave all the kids special sunglasses and snacks while they watched the show!

The puppet show


The cute lunch that Sydney's mommy had for each of the kids!

Lots of kids!

Yummy cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, Sydney!
Thank you for letting us celebrate with you Sydney!!!


Jill said...

Happy birthday, Sydney!! Kristine, you provided such a cute party for the kiddos!

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