Friday, August 24, 2012

All about Summer

Summer has been so much fun lately!  We play all sorts of things, but her favorite thing to do is play with her babies and stuffed animals.  She probably spends 80% of her time carting her babies/animals all over the house, feeding them, changing them, taking them shopping and to the doctor, giving them tummy time, putting them down for naps, giving them time-outs, tucking them in, giving them baths, pushing them in the stroller, packing their bags to go on a trip, singing to them, reading to them, putting them in Colton's swing/jumper/bumbo/etc and more!  Her babies names are Noah, Noelle, Nora, Nicky, Nelly, and Nan and she always calls them by name as she plays with is pretty cute!  She also loves her teddy, giraffe, Pooh, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Polar Bear, Mr. Bear, Bunny, and multiple other nameless stuffed animals.  Here is a picture of a few of them....

From left to right is Noelle, Nelly, Nicky, Noah, Nan, Bunny, Cuddle Bug, and Dolly (the bedtime favorite).  Nora is napping and Elmo is currently in time-out.

She also has been enjoying playing "dress-up like a princess".  For her birthday, she received this fancy skirt from her friends Noelle and Faith, she got the earring and crown and high heels from her friend Adry, and she got the butterfly wand from Gee-Gee Sandy.

Here are few Summer-isms from lately...

-While watching football with Daddy, and pointing to the TV...."They fall and go boom-booms"

-While holding her silver princess sceptre/wand..."Gonna get a buggy" (She thought the wand was a fly swatter)

-I told Summer we were having tacos for dinner and she started talking about Daddy....I finally figured out she thought we were having Daddy's fishing "tackle" for dinner!

Done with naps?

We are beginning the transition from naps to quiet time.  In the last 3 weeks, while Summer still "goes down for a nap" each afternoon, she has only fallen asleep a few times.  I am amazed at how well she happily amuses herself (for 2-2.5 hours!!) in her bed with only her animals and pillows, and the one thing she can reach from her bed, her kleenex box!  She takes them all out, and puts them all back in again!  After several days of no nap, I decided she might be done with naps and started letting her have a basket of books in her bed during naptime, and thus begins her transition out of naps!  Yikes!  She just turned 2!!!! I thought naps would last longer than that!


Kristin K said...

ohhhh that one is a cutie!! Miss my baby Sum-Sum! See you tomorrow, baby girl!

Jill said...

Summer continues to be a one-of-a-kind little spark plug! I love how she mommies her babies, stuffed animal friends, and, yesterday, the Potato Head family. :) Love her so much!

Jessi Brink said...

Silly Elmo...quit being naughty! :) And no naps?! Wild little lady!!!

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