Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Vacation at the Cabin

We are so blessed that my parents let us stay at their cabin this past week!  We have had such a blast so far spending quality time together with us four at the beach, park, reading books, taking walks, and just hanging out.  I love our family!  Here are few pictures so far....

The first night was a little chilly and Colton looked soo cute in his sweatshirt and swaddle that we snapped a picture!

Summer absolutely LOVES the water and the sand and spends hours playing with the beach toys.

Tucker loves running all over and playing with the neighbor dog, We-Go, but he also enjoys relaxing in the sun.

One of my favorite snap-shots of Summer

Daddy and Summer had lots of fun playing in the sand
Reading at the cabin...:-)

Colton helping Daddy drive the boat

Summer and Tucker watching the lake from the boat

Colton gets pretty excited about LIFE cereal just like his mommy.

Smiley boy


Hey look!  I can stand up!

When I packed our very full car for our 9 day trip with two kids and a dog, I found a small niche in the trunk to place Paul's camera....unfortunately that niche was where the trunk hinge needed to go when the trunk closed....:( I cracked his camera.  (I'm sorry, honey!!!)  So we got a new one for him, and Paul had fun trying it out at one of the parks we went to....he is very good at taking pictures!

We got to try out several new parks near the cabin, and this was a favorite


A 2-story slide!



I'm gonna get you....

Tickle, tickle....!

Giggle, giggle....!

I love my Summer!


Kisses for Colton


The Mac-Trans said...

Such sweet pictures! Looks like you guys had fun- what a relaxing week!:)

The Baum Family said...

LOVE all these pictures. It looks like you guys had a fabulous time. You all look so happy! :)

Jill said...

We are the ones who are blessed to see you all enjoy the family cabin so much. And, it is pure joy to wake up to the sound of Summer singing "Jesus Loves Me" from her little bed. :)

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