Friday, August 17, 2012


GUESS WHAT?!?  My little sister got engaged on Friday!  WAHOOOOOO!  We LOVE her fiance Eric Bjorklund!!

Last Friday, August 10th, we drove to my parents' cabin in Shell Lake, WI.  This was our planned "Kirkwood" weekend at the cabin, and Kristin and Eric were on their way up as well.  Unknown to Kristin, however, Eric's family was also on their way up to the cabin to help celebrate after Eric popped the question and Kristin said YES!

Here are a few pictures~!


With Celebration Cake and Balloons

The dad's admiring the ring :-)


Summer was the official "spinner" for Kristen and Andrew's (Eric's brother and sister's) Chutes and Ladders game

My favorite guy and I


Colton and Kristen Bjorklund

My little guy.

 Todd (Eric's dad) is an awesome skier and boat driver.  It was his idea to get Kristin, Eric, Paul, and I up on skis at the same time!

With our ski ropes....


We're up on the first try!

After our successful quadruple ski
Everyone else headed back home on Sunday, but Paul and the kids and I stayed at the cabin this week for our family vacation.  We have been having a blast!  More pictures to come soon.


The Mac-Trans said...

You guys are so talented! ;)

The Baum Family said...

Woo hoo!! YAY, Kristin! :) I do love the pic of all four of you up on the skis! So cool.

Jill said...

Me: "Summer, what did Eric give Aunty Kristin?"
Summer: "A ring"
Me: Why did Eric give her a ring?"
Summer: "Because he lubs her."

Ah, such a marvelous weekend of celebrating!!!!

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