Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Day at the Zoo

Today was gorgeous! After this past cold week, it is nice to have a day to be outside again! We went to the zoo today. Here are a few pictures and videos!
Walking around the zoo with mommy

Heading to the fountains and park

Summer LOVED the fountains

This is fun mommy!


Walking up the stairs all by herself...

...using the railing

Peeking down at daddy from the top

Wooshing down the slide!

On top of the world!

Look at the camels!

Riding to see the farm animals

Walking to see the goats
Almost to the goats!

Daddy, I see the goats!
Out of all the animals at the zoo, Summer has always loved the goats the most!  I am always amazed that she is not scared of them!  I suppose living with Tucker has trained her well for interacting with energetic animals!  Here are a few videos of her walking around with them and waving at them!


Jill said...

What a sweeeeetie! :) So cute. So glad you could enjoy this beautiful weather today!

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