Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Costume Party!

My friend Kristine's favorite time of year is Halloween, and she decks out her whole basement with all sorts of decorations and hosts parties each year.  Her basement looks so cool!  This morning she had all the babies over for a costume party and we moms had so much fun taking pictures of our babies in their costumes!  Here are a few pictures....

My little butterfly princess

Summer and Mommy

The side view of her costume ;)

Addison the "bee"

Adry the "strawberry"

Sidney the "Pooh Bear"

Summer's costume was a baby gift from Paul's Uncle Kelly and his wife Sheena.  Thanks you guys!

Playing at the party

So fun to have new toys to play with!

Kaity and Adelyn "the strawberry"
Posing in the "pumpkin patch"--from left to right is: Rachael and Adry, Mommy and Summer, Kristine and Sidney, LaDonna and Addison, and Kaity and Adelyn.  Jade and Brandon hadn't arrived yet, so they aren't pictured.  Several of Summer's friends Faith, Noelle, and Lily were sick so they weren't able to make it.  We missed them!
One too many pictures?!!? One baby fed off the other as they turned into a chorus of tears!

Kristine's amazing decorations!

Snack time!  Pumpkin cookies, cheese, and goldfish crackers :-)

Jade and Brandon "the Viking" arrived!
We had such a fun time!  Thanks for putting it all together Kristine! 


Jill said...

All of the sweet babies looked so cute in their costumes, but I might be a bit partial toward that pretty pink butterfly princess! :)

Kristin K said...

I love that Kristine is my friend Annie's new sis-in-law! Small world, cute party!

The Baum Family said...

How cute, Kel!!! I love your smile in the first pic and Summer makes the most darling butterfly princess. :)

Andrea Anderson said...

I am overdosing on all the cuteness! Thanks for sharing.

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