Friday, October 21, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Time

Daddy and Summer get to spend most every weekday evening together while Mommy tutors.  They have been having lots of fun reading, playing, and hanging out.

This is Summer's current favorite library book, Skippy Jon Jones.  It is a rather different counting book because the chosen pictured items to represent the numbers 1 through 10 are quite different more unusual than you would expect in a kids book. "8 rolls of toilet tissue" "6 fuzzy pinatas" and "10 hot water bottles" to name a few!  But for some reason, it is Summer's favorite!  This was about the 5th time a row reading this book on this particular night, so Daddy decided to speed read through the book!

One night after finishing the dinner dishes, we peeked around the corner and saw......

She really has had a fascination with shoes lately, and loves putting them on!

Mommy helped Summer put on the other shoe so she could take a picture!

Look at me!  I'm wearing daddy's shoes!

 This past weekend Mommy went on the church retreat as a leader with the high school students, while Daddy and Summer partied it up back in Apple Valley from Friday at 5 until Sunday at 5!  It was their first weekend alone together (and mommy's first time away from summer for longer than a few hours!)  They sure had a lot of fun together!  Here is a glimpse of their time together. On Saturday, they went to Afton Apple Orchard with a group of families from church.

With the pumpkins
Summer's first hayride!
**Next to Summer on the hayride is Lisa and her baby Max (3 months) who has been Summer's "practice" baby brother when mommy has babysat him for Lisa!  Summer does a good job being gentle with Max.

Enjoying an apple!

Watching the goats

Being Silly at Culvers with Daddy

Playing with Auntie Sarah in daddy's shoes

Going to the park with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty

Besides packing in lots of fun to their weekend, daddy and Summer went shopping for groceries to make a special birthday meal for mommy.  Homemade bread, salad, an amazing Italian concoction, and Reeses Peanut Butter Bars!  When mommy came home from the retreat, Summer and daddy were all dressed up to serve mommy dinner, and she LOVED it!  Here is daddy (and Summer??!) singing the Tommerdahl birthday song, and then the regular birthday song before mommy blew out the "26 + 1" candles.

As a side note, I had a great birthday that keeps on going, and going and going!  Because I was on the retreat for my actual birthday, Paul and I went out the weekend before my birthday on a date night to an amazing Italian restaurant, bowling, icecream, and a trip to Walmart ;)  It was so perfect and so fun to be out just us two!  Then on my actual birthday, while on the retreat, the best present EVER was telling one of the youth girls about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Her belief in him that night allowed us to share a birthday--my physical birthday and her new spiritual birthday!  The next day Paul and Summer made me dinner and that was so much fun.  The celebration continued when my girlfriend Jade had a ladies game night and made delicious appetizers and my favorite dessert, apple crisp.  Finally, this coming weekend, I get to celebrate with my mom, dad, and sister.  Its the birthday that never ends!  Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and love--you are all so wonderful!


Jill said...

Aw, so cute. Looks like Daddy and Summer had a wonderful time together while Mommy was gone. Kel, you should post the picture we have of you at that age when you had Dad's shoes on. :) The trait of wearing Daddy's shoes must be genetic. :)

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