Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Updates

I was just filling out Summer's "April" calendar of important things she has done this month and thought I would share some of the things from this month.
**She can sit up in the front section of the grocery cart now!    She love to grip onto the cart and swing her feet and look around.  Yesterday when we went grocery shopping she enjoyed watching the sprayer spray the veggies in the produce aisle!

**She stands very firmly now.  She likes to hold onto her bottom dresser drawer with one hand and pull her clothes out with the other!  She can hold onto most anything to stand now, and is very solid on her feet.

**She pulled up for the first time this month.  A few weeks ago she was able to pull up from sitting on my lap to standing, and then this week she has been able to pull up from sitting on the floor to standing.  She is still getting used to it, and has only done it a few times, but she is definitely learning!

**She learned how to feed Tucker.  She giggles when he licks food out of her hand and she leans over the side of her high chair to give him some of her goodies.  Yes, the "no feeding Tucker from the table rule" will still be enforced at our house, but it was pretty cute the first time!

**She is eating all sorts of solid foods.  She is really enjoying string cheese!

**She learned how to clap.  When we say "Yay Summer!" she will often clap her hands together.

**Her favorite toy right now is a little plastic pig!

**She is so interested in everything and touching and reaching for everything, especially anything with a dangling string.  Here is a video of her playing with a balloon this morning

**She is getting better at copying words and is still quite a talker!
**She is an excellent sleeper and goes down very well for her naps.  She usually sleeps from 7:30pm-6:45am, but will patiently wait in her crib talking and playing until I get her up around 7am.  She usually takes a morning nap around 9 or 10, and then goes down for an afternoon nap around 3. 
That's a little insight to where Summer is at these days!  She is napping now, and then after lunch we are going to the zoo with her friends Brandon and Adry and their mommies.  It is supposed to start getting warmer out again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get out for some more park dates soon!
Happy Thursday to all! 


The Tommerdahls said...
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The Baum Family said...

What a little sweetie! She's just so happy and chatty! :) I love seeing her videos.. I feel like I'm seeing her in person. :) Hope you guys had fun at the zoo. I love that the zoo is so close to your house!

Jill said...

Do I get a prize for watching these videos the most times? :) Can't get enough of that sweet baby girl's voice and the clapping is the sweetest thing ever. Loved seeing it in person yesterday. Just melts my grandma heart.

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