Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend celebrating the fact that JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN!  HALLELUJAH!

The Good Friday service put us in the right frame of mind of what Jesus actually went through for us.  It is amazing how cliche "Jesus died on the cross" can get, but when we truly remember what he went through, it is so horrid what they did to him.  This year the biggest thing that hit me was Jesus' betrayal from his own disciples AND even God turned his back on Jesus because Jesus took our sins on him and God couldn't look on sin.  To have EVERYONE who loves you turn their backs on you would be, to me, almost worse that the flogging and other pain he went through.  And knowing that at any moment, he could have called down a legion of angels to save him....yet he didn't....

I found myself at the end of the service wanting to "rush ahead" to Easter Sunday when the good part came!  Yet, it made me remember that the people who actually witnessed Jesus' death had to wait the three days to see him again.  What an eternity that must have felt like!

I feel like it is impossible to truly praise the Lord for his resurrection without first realizing his pain.  As I was watching clips of his death from "The Passion", I found myself tearing up saying, "You shouldn't have done it, Jesus.  You didn't deserve this.  Why did you let yourself go through this?"  And then I remembered that if he didn't, I would have had to.....

Thank you my Jesus for taking MY punishment!

What an amazing gift to celebrate!  HE IS RISEN!

We celebrated in Apple Valley this year.  This is the first holiday we have celebrated with just our little family (usually we are with extended family) and it was fun to create our own traditions!

We colored Easter eggs on Saturday morning.


Then after church on Sunday, Paul "hid" some eggs for Summer.  Do you want to go on the Easter egg hunt with Summer?  Here are several clips from her "egg hunt"!

We started out with a very enthusiastic Tucker, who had to go into the house because he was "too helpful"!
Summer was more interested in the grass than the eggs at first!
Summer started to get the hang of it after a while...

She seemed to enjoy pulling the eggs out of the basket better than putting them into the basket!

"There are lots of eggs "hidden" in my basket mommy!"
She's got this egg-hunting thing down!
This is fun!

Summer enjoyed pulling stuff out of her Easter basket!

She wasn't sure what to think of the "crinkly paper Easter grass"!
 "This feels weird!"

 Paul cutting the ham,

Happy Easter!


Jill said...

Aw, what a precious girl! Looks like the Tommerdahl family had a wonderful Easter celebration. We missed you in Michigan, though it was great to skype with you. Glad you had such a beautiful day for Summer's first Easter egg hunt. Love to all.

Laura Krause said...

Such great pictures! You have a beautiful family. :) And what a great post, reminding us of the real reason for the Easter season!

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