Thursday, April 21, 2011

ZOO day!

The Minnesota Zoo is right in Apple Valley.  I decided to get a membership this year and we have really enjoyed going for an hour or two in the morning or in the afternoon. There is inside stuff to do when it is not nice out, and outdoor trails to walk when it is nice outside.  Summer LOVES to look at everything and take it all in!  Today Summer and I went to the zoo with Sydney and her mommy.  We had so much fun!  Here are some pictures and video.

Here is a video of Summer in the stroller looking at everything!

Eating our picnic lunch in the food court!

Checking out the zoo!

Look at those animals!

Wow, that's incredible!

I gotta get a closer look at that!

Sydney and her mommy

Time to bundle up to go outside and look at the farm babies!

The Farm Babies are only here for another week.  A favorite was the baby goats.  One goat wanted to play with Summer's toys and eat her car seat!


Jill said...

Looks like a wonderful day with good friends. Summer sure loves animals! :) That goat brought back memories of the baby goat in the animal park in Florida. :)

Kristin K said...

HmmmK she just the cutest!!! Wish I was there!!

The Baum Family said...

I love the video with the goat!!! You guys seriously have some major weather up and downs! Wasn't it snowing yesterday? And now today, Summer is in short sleeves at the zoo. :)

The Tommerdahls said...

We do have some weird weather in Minnesota! The short sleeved pictures were taken INSIDE the zoo :). We had to bundle up to go outside where the baby animals were because it was cloudy and in the 40's.

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