Friday, November 5, 2010

Summer is 3 months old! (And other news)

It is hard to believe that our little girl is now 3 months old!!!  Yikes!  The time goes so fast!  This month we have noticed her smiling a LOT, starting to talk (gurgle!), sleeping great at night, still loving bath time, starting to grab things, sucking on her fist, being much more content, loving books, and growing cuter by the day!

Here is a picture of her in her new 3 month outfit from Aunt Nancy and Amanda.

 I spent a while this week getting the leaves out of the yard (at least the ones that have fallen) and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of my kiddos playing in the piles!

Tucker: "Mommy, Mommy, look at all of this! How fun, How fun!  Ooooh what is that?, what is that?, what is that? I have to check out everything!  There's baby sister, hi baby sister!"

Summer: "Oooh. Look at that leaf! "

Tucker: "Ok mommy.  I'll sit for a second for you to take a picture."
Summer: "Tucker?  Sit???? I gotta see this!"

 Tucker: "Ok, I sat!  What are you holding mommy, what are you holding?"
Summer: "That doggie is a whirlwind!"


Kitchen Floor Update:  
After pulling up the many layers of floor, Paul determined that it would be necessary to replace the sub-floor as well because of how rotted it was.  Here is a picture of the sub-floor.

Here is a picture of the first piece of sub-floor removed.  Yup, that is our basement you can see.....YIKES! 

If you look carefully at the top middle of the picture, you can see Paul waving.  I took this picture from our new "two-story" basement.

You can see our laundry room shelf through the floor in this picture.


Jill said...

Oh, my, LOVE this post!!!
The pictures of Summer at the beginning are priceless! Love that smile. Such a happy girl, and she is getting cuter by the minute.
WONDERFUL pictures in the leaves. Both of your kiddos are so cute. I love how Summer looks at Tucker. ;)
The floor pictures are amazing. The shots from the kitchen and the basement are scary cool. Don't fall through any holes now. :)
Love to all!
Oh, and did I mention how great these pictures are? :)

Kristin K said...

OMG I LOVE THIS POST too!!! Such cute pics, and I love the dialogue!! :) Hehe, just so adorable.

The O'Connor Family said...

Love your new "two story" basement, love Summer in her Baby Gap outfit, and love Tucker and Summer together!! Great post Kel, keep them coming! :)

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