Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Summer Updates

Summer is growing up!  I just packed away her newborn size onesies and sleepers yesterday and I can't believe she ever fit in them!  She goes in for her four month appointment next week.  I am curious to see how much she weighs!  Summer has been doing lots of new things.  She has starting laughing now!  It is my favorite!!!!  She is sooo cute!  I don't have it captured on video yet, but I will try :).  She also rolled over for the first time from front to back.  She surprised herself, and us!   She is "sort of" able to sit, but her face slowly gets closer and closer to the floor!  She is reaching and grabbing and holding things quite a bit now.  Here is a cute video showing how much she really loves to observe and reach for things as well as some other cute pictures.


She loves looking in the mirror!


Jill said...

Aw, just too precious for words. Love, love Sweet Summer!

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