Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remodeling Updates

I should update you on our little home project that turned out to be a very big home project!  I left you hanging last time with the news that we were tearing up the subfloor...
Tearing up the old Subfloor
Paul worked piece by piece tearing up the old subfloor and putting down the new subfloor so he had something to stand on.  There were still many times, however, where my palms sweated as he balanced on the floor joists many feet above our concrete basement floor while holding huge, heavy piece of the new subfloor.  Good thing he isn't afraid of heights!
Paul used our garage as his workshop as he cut pieces to fit.  This picture also shows the "old" door from our kitchen to our garage.  Our inspector told us when we bought the house that we needed to replace it with a fireproof door to bring the house up to code.  There is a picture of our new door later on.

Tucker supervising.

The subfloor is done!  Paul did such a thorough job with it, building "cripples" to support the floor where it was weak.  Now our floor doesn't squeak at all when you walk on it!  (It really used to squeak a LOT!)

Paul's parents were here for Summer's dedication and they worked on laying the laminate together.  They "signed" under one piece just for fun!

Laminate is done!

Baseboards are installed.  We still need to stain them.
Here is our new door with the first coat of red paint.  Paul did a super job of installing it.  It is a LOT harder than it looks to screw the hinges on so that the door swings straight and fits perfectly in the doorway.


Jill said...

Good job, Paul! The floor is even more gorgeous in person, too. (I'm glad Tucker is doing such a conscientious job supervising.) :)

The Baum Family said...

LOVE The new door!!! The red is so pretty. :)

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