Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, we are finally caught up on blog posts, as I am now currently posting "today's" news!!!  Today was a full day.  One interesting tid-bit about today is that one year ago today we moved into our house.  It was especially memorable, because we were unpacking in between handing out candy to trick-or-treaters!

One year later, our house is again in chaos for Halloween as we tear out our old linoleum kitchen floor and wood dining room floor and replace them with laminate.  Here are some pictures of the process to date, and I will post more as we finish.  Paul is currently continuing to work on tearing out the old floor.  It is a big process as we are uncovering layers of floor we didn't even know were there!  Previous owners put down floor on top of floor, so it is a surprise what we find as we tear it up.

The BEFORE picture

A close-up of the!

Starting....notice that the floors are not is higher than the other.

The first step was to remove the island.  That wasn't too bad because Paul built our island when we moved in, and didn't bolt it down to the floor, so we just moved it out of the room. 

 The next step was tearing up the linoleum.  There was plywood underneath.

 Surprise!  Under the plywood was ANOTHER linoleum floor!  

Tucker watching the Vikings game while helping daddy.

YAY!  Second linoleum floor is almost completely removed!

Next step, pulling up the wood floor.  Paul said it was wise to do so because of how creaky it was.

  Sure enough, water had rotted through and the creaky spot was really soft... Paul could stick his hammer from the kitchen to the basement!  YIKES!

And I will leave you there....while we transition to Summer's first Halloween!  While we don't support the "evil" undertones of this holiday, it was fun to dress Summer up as a pumpkin!

 I always call her "my little punkin' " so the costume was very fitting!
Notice the back of the hat....a friend made the hat for Summer!  So cute!

No, no candy yet, little one!  Next year!
Look at me!  I am a pumpkin!!

 Mommy with her two kiddos!


Jill said...

Great post! Wow about the surprise layers of floor. And, another wow about the soft spot in the dining room floor. Glad you two decided to replace all of that flooring. It will be so gorgeous when it's done. And, my little pumpkin is too, too adorable. Love those cheeks under the pumpkin hat that Debbie made. And, last but not least, Tucker is always in the middle of the action. :) Love you all!

The Baum Family said...

Fun, Kel! I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on the floor... just like n HGTV! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kel, this was super cute to read. It sounds like things are going well with you and Paul :o)

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