Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Orchard

Two of my all time favorite things are crunching leaves in the fall and going apple picking.  Paul found a place that had both, and he took Summer and I there to celebrate my birthday.  Here are a few pictures, as well as a video of Summer enjoying crunching in the leaves too!

Summer sleeps through the Corn Maze!

Looking at the map

 Summer's hood serves as a "cup holder" for daddy!

GORGEOUS fall colors!

One of Mommy and Summer's favorite trees--look at the color of the leaves!

Summer "walking" in the leaves

Summer loves her daddy!

And daddy loves his Summer!

Whee!  Higher daddy, higher!


Mommy's turn to cuddle!

 Summer poses for the camera...a model for some magazine....

And now, the model with "attitude" :)

Summer crunching through the leaves
After we got home, we grilled out cheeseburgers.  Summer sat in her bumbo seat while we ate and provided the entertainment for our meal!


Jill said...

Looks like a perfect birthday outing. Ah, yes, crunching leaves and eating apples! :) Summer is so cute as she "walks" through the leaves. Such cute videos! And, it captured a rare Tucker bark. :) Love to all!

Kristin K said...

I love the cupholder and the attitude. :) What a cutie pie!!!

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