Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lebanon Hills

Hello Everyone!  Sorry we haven't posted in a while :).  It is time to update you on the our lives, and it will take several posts to bring you up to speed.  Let's start with our fun Saturday at Lebanon Hills for some hiking in the leaves.  Mommy held onto Tucker while daddy climbed the many hills pushing Summer in the jogger.  Here are a few pictures.  Enjoy!

After a fun afternoon of hiking, we came home and made pizza.  YUM!  Here is a glimpse into our evening.

Saturday Night at the Tommerdahls

I found my thumb!


Kristin K said...

Yaaay!!! Thanks also for capturing the Italian Paulo singing. :)

Jill said...

Ha ha. I agree with Kristin. I didn't know my Norwegian son-in-law had Italian blood. :) Summer is as sweet as ever. :)

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