Sunday, December 17, 2023

December Happenings

 As we geared up for Christmas Day, we had some fun along the way!

Cookie Baking Day

We invited Grandma and Grandpa K to come join our annual cookie baking day.  We made 10 different kinds of cookies, including trying a few new ones!  Grandpa and Summer took a new found recipe and used Grandpas food scientist skills to include some lemon zest in the sugar cookie successfully completing Summer's goal of making a copy-cat Perkins sugar cookie. MMM!  Grandma rolled so many cookie balls of various sorts including helping us try a new hidden surprise cookie that we all agreed was definitely a make-again cookie.

There were lots of leftover lemons from making the sugar cookies, so the kids and Grandpa decided to try their hand at making homemade lemonade!  Why not?!

The kids helped make up lots of plates of cookies to take to the neighbors for our annual neighborhood cooking caroling family night.

Ready for our annual neighborhood caroling!

Each year the kids make gifts for family.  This year they decided to try their hand at soap carving!  They chose something that each extended family member liked and carved that into soap.  They had a lot of fun with it!  (Uncle Ty and Auntie Sarah, yours is coming to Boston the next time GGT come out!)

Paul played on a winter indoor soccer league with some friends!

Summer and Colton volunteered at a local nursing home, serving Christmas dinner to the residents.

We had our annual visit to neighbor Mr. Ken's "museum", i.e. his house decorated for Christmas is an like an indoor Christmas museum!

As an 8th grader, Summer got to help hand out Christmas grams to the elementary and middle school students this year!

We have been making LOTS of soups at our house, but this one Summer made all by herself!  It was a delicious minestrone.

Two sisters in green!  Christmas here we come!


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