Thursday, December 21, 2023

December Concerts

 Every December brings with it a series of kiddo Christmas performances and concerts.  This December we enjoyed an elementary school choir concert, a band concert, a church musical, and a piano recital.  Below are some highlights!

Larkyn choir concert

Band Concert

All 3 kids played in the same band concert this year! 

Larkyn's first band concert - clarinet!

Colton walking in. He plays trumpet.

Summer on trombone.  She also got to direct a song for the 6th grade band!

Larkyn Piano Recital

Here is a link to a video of a song Larkyn played for her piano recital this year.  She did great!

Christmas Musical

The kids had such fun with this year's Christmas musical, a Rockin' Royal Christmas!  The whole musical can be found at this link (it starts at minute 7:20), but I will include some pics and videos of the kids below.

Larkyn was an angel this year.  Here is a link to a video of her lines and solo.  Here is a link of her in the choir.

Summer was a narrator this year.  Here is a link to some of her lines and her solo.  Here is a link to another clip of some of her lines.

Colton was a shepherd this year.  Here is a link to his solo and a link to some of his lines.

Here is a link to their theme song.

We were grateful to have so many friends, family, and neighbors come to support the kids (not pictured include neighbor Mr. Ken and neighbor Ms. Kayla who came to the second show).


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