Thursday, November 30, 2023

October and November

Our fall literally flew by.  I am not quite sure how it is December!  I will highlight a few items from our October and November here before we head into the Christmas season.

MEA (Fall Break)

Paul and I decided to take a trip (just us two!) to back where we honeymooned over 16 years ago.  We were able to get the exact same cabin at Gunflint Lodge that we stayed in on our honeymoon, and we thoroughly enjoyed relaxing by the fire, hiking, eating good food, and catching up on sleep and life.  It was so restful and rejuvenating! 

We are very grateful that Grandma and Grandpa T were willing to take our kiddos for the long weekend. They had a blast!  Their adventures included picking apples, going to a fall festival, searching out hidden mini clay villages created by an artist, carving pumpkins, solving a "Who Done It" mystery, and learning pottery.  Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for loving on our kiddos and giving them such special memories!

one of several found little hidden villages shown above

Solving the mystery of the rabbit

Summer got in her cross country run training with Grandpa on the 4-wheeler

Fall Celebrations

In the fall we celebrate my birthday as well as Summer's spiritual birthday.  For my birthday, I enjoyed getting to go out to eat two days in a row - once with Paul's parents and once with my parents!  We also celebrated as a family.

To celebrate Summer's spiritual birthday, we celebrated with her choosing/cooking us dinner and receiving one present that helps her grow in her faith.  Summer chose to make us spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and brownies, and received an advent devotional diving deep into the meanings of many traditional Christmas songs.  Summer has grown so much in her faith this year, trusting the Lord with her life decisions and waiting on his answers, as well as learning to rely solely on Him through times when she is away from home like on her summer mission trip.  I love seeing Summer's heart for the Lord and her heart for others.  God has her whole heart and I couldn't be more grateful.

Trout Lake Camp

Colton was so excited to finally be old enough to go on the middle school retreat with church.  Summer brought along several friends and I also went as a chaperone.  Larkyn got some very special time doing a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa K's house complete with a movie and some fashion designing and also getting some 1x1 time with Daddy.


The kids look forward to making their costumes each year.  Thanks to Uncle Eric's help (with his giant copier), Colton was able to complete his costume of being a bottle of ketchup.  Summer made herself into a jellyfish and Larkyn was a pug dog this year.

Warrior Dog Rescue

Every Friday night our family looks forward to our Friday Family Fun night, which we have had a tradition of for years now.   Usually we play a family game or watch a movie or do something fun to relax together after a long week.  Our family has found a new favorite thing to do on Friday's together.  A friend told us about Warrior Dog Rescue, a shelter that houses puppy litters before they are adopted.  They need volunteers to come play with the puppies to keep them socialized.  It has been such a fun thing to do together!


We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Kirkwood side this year.  It was great to see everyone and we enjoyed a lot of delicious food, football, and games.

That evening we drove to Fergus Falls to see Paul's family.  We enjoyed making Lefse, pheasant hunting, ping pong ball challenge games, and seeing extended family.

Colton won't be able to officially hunt until next year, but Paul let him try his gun.

Gearing up for Christmas

This past weekend we decorated for Christmas on our Friday Family Fun night.  It was sweet time together.

As we head into the Christmas season, we want to remember why we celebrate.  Christ Jesus came into our dark and sinful world to bring hope that we could be reconciled to God.  We praise the Lord for his grace and love for us.


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