Sunday, October 31, 2021


Included are pictures from our October...


Colton finished up his soccer season and loved every minute.  Here is a pic of the boys and their coach during their last game.  His coach was amazing and Colton learned so much.  He is gearing up to start basketball in a week, and will also do a soccer skills clinic throughout the winter before heading into spring soccer. 

Summer Spiritual Birthday

We celebrated Summer's 8th Spiritual birthday over MEA break (two days after her actual spiritual birthday) so that she could make her traditional "Summer cooks" meal.  She opened from us a new devotional studying the lives of two women in the Bible in an exegetical fashion, and is really loving it so far!  My favorite part of the evening was our traditional "read through the blog" about her decision for Christ, her spiritual growth, and how she celebrated her last spiritual birthdays.  Summer continues to grow in her faith and in her walk with the Lord as evidenced by how she leaned on him through her transition into a  new middle school and as she continues to grow in her understanding of his love and that it is not dependent on her works.  She thinks deeply, asks lots of questions, and is growing both at home, in Bible class, in chapel at school, and in youth group.  She has a heart that truly wants to obey and humbly listens to the Lord's direction.  It was so sweet to see how God totally answered her prayers as she was praying about if it was His will for her to join the cheer team at school.  So sweet.  She has continued to make her daily Bible reading a priority, and with her new wakeup time of 6am, has found a routine in reading her Bible on the bus.  She is enjoying using the features on the Blue Letter Bible app, as well as her new study Bible she received at church when she entered middle school.  I am so grateful she has chosen to follow the Lord, and he is truly a priority in her daily life.  Thank you, Lord!


The kids dressed up as Jessie the cowgirl (from Toy Story), and Oreo, and a Hershey bar!  The spent time at a Trunk or Treat with the grandparents/cousins, and enjoyed running around our neighborhood on the evening of the 31st.  Pumpkin carving is more fun each year, as they are old enough to do everything themselves (aside from a tiny bit of help for Larkyn)!  We also enjoyed our traditional time at our neighbor Mr. Ken's house, and even got to meet his sister Ms. Gail!

My Birthday

My family made me felt so special on my birthday!  It started with breakfast in bed made by my sweet hubby and kiddos, including many decorations all over!   I  After school I walked into the house to find hot apple crisp baking in the oven (my all time favorite dessert) and flowers on the counter, thanks to my sweet husband!  I then enjoyed a fantastic scavenger hunt made by Larkyn, super thoughtful cards and gifts, and a fall hike with Summer while the other two were at piano lessons.  We topped it off with a delicious family dinner to Perkins where we played Uno.  Fast forward two weeks, and I also got a birthday date with Paul where we mountain biked, shopped, and ate Thai food.  Perfection.

Parent-Kiddo Dates

Paul and Colton took a trip to TX to see a Nascar Race!

The girls and I went to Sever's Fall Festival and Corn Maze

Paul and Colton went to a Vikings Game!

Paul and Colton went to a Loons game while they were in TX!

Larkyn and I went on a date to paint your own pottery for their pajama night :)

Fun with Friends

I am so grateful for the many amazing friends God has brought into our lives, both through church and school.  All of the kids have really, really sweet friends!  Over MEA we met up with some friends for some hiking and geocaching.

Some girlfriends and I enjoyed a very adventurous mountain biking day!

Summer really enjoyed her school's middle school retreat, and connected really well!  After she returned, we all went out for burgers and shakes to celebrate that she was back home, and to hear about her trip!

Below is a picture from youth group one night.  I am so grateful for the many amazing people in this picture, to build into Summer and encourage her and point her toward the Lord!

And there you have it, our random October photo dump!  


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