Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wrapping Up August

As we head into fall soon, I have a few pictures to dump here before we completely wrap up August!

Family Loons Game

Fun with Friends!

Biking to the Library

Cooking Lessons

*They learned how to make the important staples of grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese by themselves!

Calvery Neighborfest

Larkyn came with me to meet up with some of the kids I met in Rochester for my mission trip.  We helped them get connected in at a local church and get signed up for AWANA!

Dinner with Extended Family 

 Woodshop with Grandpa

Shopping with Grandma

Cousin Time

Paul and Eric Trip to Atlanta to watch the Loons

Coca-Cola museum - vault where the secret recipe is kept

Delta Museum - relaxing in first class!

State Fair Date

Lightrail/Lunch with Daddy at Work



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