Monday, August 5, 2019

Summer Tenleigh Turns 9!

Happy, happy 9th birthday Summer!!!  We love you so much and are so proud of you and your love for God and for others!

At age 9, Summer is a great conversationalist, full of great ideas and questions, and a memory like a steel trap, remembering every name, place, and fact ever presented to her!
Summer loves to read.  She devours books!  It is her favorite pastime and her way of relaxing.

Summer loves to act!  She loves to be on the stage and has quite the dramatic flair!

Summer is so responsible.  She does what she says she will, she completes her chores above and beyond without needing reminders, she packs herself without forgetting anything, she keeps her room clean, and she has recently earned the privilege of babysitting her siblings.

Summer has a strong conscience, desiring to do what is right.  She has a HUGE empathetic heart for others and remembers to ask about and pray for others at the first mention of any trouble they have.  Her heart's desire is for the world to know Jesus' salvation and wants to share the Good News with those around her.  The joy of the Lord is evident!

Summer's love languages are words of encouragement and quality time.  She is also very generous and LOVES to give!

Birthdays are very special in our family!  We celebrate with a birthday party/activity with friend(s), a birthday date with mom, and gifts from mom and dad and extended family.  This year, Summer's one wish was to go to Tennessee to see her friend Kate who moved away in the middle of their second grade year.  They have kept in contact and their family is pretty amazing.  So, instead of celebrating in all the normal ways listed above, she chose to combine all her birthday money from mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents, along with her birthday party and date money, to buy a plane ticket to go visit Kate!  I got to come along too :).  It was such a fun and special way to celebrate her birthday!  The night before we left (July 31), we had a special family birthday dinner of her choice.   She picked crazy noodle night (cook up many different kinds of noodles and dump them all together!), meatballs, garlic bread sticks, frozen mixed berries, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, and lemonade.  She meal prepped most of it!

The next afternoon, August 1st, Daddy took Summer and me to the airport!!!!

Summer was in heaven seeing Kate again!!!

On Friday morning we went out to Rise for donuts and biscuts.

Then - to the Memphis Zoo!  Girls in the backseat :)

They had lots of lego creation animals which were really cool!

See the above picture for details - but at the end of this green floor marks the longest snake!

This panda, Yaya, and Summer, share an August 3rd birthday :)

Kate's family moved to Memphis when God called their family to start a church there.  God's hand has been so evident the whole time from start to finish!  After renting out a high school on Sunday mornings and setting up each Sunday again and again, they were able to purchase a building less than a year after they opened, thanks to God!  It is awesome and faith building to hear the many ways God is working!  Here is a picture of Kate's family in front of their "new to them" church building!

On Summer's actual birthday, the girls hung out for the morning playing.

Then we drove to historic downtown Colierville (voted best main street in America!).

Summer picked to eat at this burger place for her bday lunch.

The girls got their own table, and enjoyed splitting both their entrees and sides so they could have a little of everything :)

Thanks for being such a sweet friend to Summer, Kate!

Playing games in the airport waiting for our flight home.

What an amazing and memory filled trip!  Summer LOVED it and again and again said how amazing it was!


When we returned home, the evening of the 3rd, her siblings had been busy!  Although mom and dad's birthday money all went toward the plane ticket to TN (no presents from us), Colton and Larkyn chipped in to get her the one item on her birthday list - a Bible cover!  They picked out a rainbow colored one!  They also had fun shopping on Saturday morning at the dollar store to get a few more things to wrap up... including a helium balloon, a new rainbow pen, and some new hair things, and made some amazing cards!  They were so thoughtful and generous with her and she felt so special!!

Colton and Larkyn also had quite the door decorations waiting for Summer when she arrived home on her birthday!

The following morning, August 4th, we brought her breakfast in bed before church :).  She picked Eggos, bacon, peaches, and grape juice!

Grandma and Grandpa K also took her out for a little birthday date to see Bye Bye Birdie and to dinner!

We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa T at the trailer two weeks later!

Thank you Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, Walter, and Owen for the sweet card you sent in the mail!

We love you so much Summer Tenleigh!!!!  You are sooooo special!  Happy birthday!!!!


Summer 9 year Stats:

Weight: 63 lbs (49th percentile)
Height: 4 feet, 3.5" (36th percentile)


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