Thursday, August 29, 2019

Getting Ready for School!

The kids and I had a blast shopping for school supplies, new shoes, new clothes, and more!  They are all at such easy ages for shopping that we really enjoyed being together ticking things off our list and finding new things that each of the kids was excited about!!!!  All three kids got to meet their teachers twice already, once on Assessment Day, where the kids have 45 min with their teacher to give the teacher's a chance to get to know them and see where they are at academically.

Larkyn has Mrs. Davis, the same teacher that Summer and Colton had for kindergarten!

Summer has Mrs. Sherman, who she immediately fell in love with due to their shared faith and love of books!

Colton has Mrs Duncan, who is so nice!  Colton preferred to not take his picture on Assessment Day as his eye was still swollen from his bee sting, and Mrs Duncan was so sweet as to offer that he could take his classroom picture the following week at Open House!

During Open House this past week, the kids got to walk around their classrooms, do scavenger hunts to find things in their rooms, drop off their school supplies, find their desks/lockers/cubbies, and more.  Here are a few pictures!




Paul and I are also getting ready for school!  I will be teaching part-time at Eastview High School, one of four local high schools in our district 196.  It was a fantastic opportunity, and it was so cool to see how God completely planned out this path for me!  I am SO excited to be back in classroom teaching, in a way that I can still be home with the kids when they are home.  I will be teaching afternoons, which allows me to get the kids to school, volunteer in their classrooms in the morning, do BSF, and get house chores (groceries, cleaning, laundry) done in the mornings.  I will get done with my school in time to pick up and/or meet the kids at home after school.  I will be teaching my favorite course (Algebra I) to freshman.  I am really excited!  I had my freshman orientation the same night that the kids had their open house.  While I don't have any really great pictures, I pulled a few from Eastview's social media.

This is the staff picture.  I am 7th row up, 2nd in from the right.  I love Eastview's colors!

This is from the freshman orientation.  I love that they put 2023 on the scoreboard for the class of 2023.
Freshman orientation.  The students and parents lined both sides of the gym and the teachers are on the far side of the gym on the floor.

Faculty at freshman orientation - I am four in from the right, in the front.

It was such a fun night to meet my students and see all the school spirit - the dance team and the marching band performed and they are fantastic!  I can't wait to bring our family to a football game!

Paul will also be starting a new educational venture this fall.  He is starting his MBA through Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.  He will take two classes, one online and one on Monday nights.  The kids and I went to have lunch with him at work this week and were able to see his school!

We still have a few more days left of summer, but here is what we will be up to starting next week!!!!


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