Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Crazy

So much happens in May!  Kindergarten Graduation, Gymnastics Meet, Track and Field Day, Field Trips, and are a few updates...

Kindergarten Graduation

We still have a few days left of school, but Kindergarten Graduation was this past Wednesday.  We were so blessed to have so much family come to celebrate!

He is in a grey and white striped shirt, waving :-)

They sang several songs as a full group of 5 classes.
 Video of Getting Certificate:

With teacher Mrs. Davis

Family Picture

Grandma and Grandpa K

Grandma T (Grandpa T called and talked to Colton but had to work...the ceremony was at 2pm on a Wednesday!)

Almost a 1st Grader!  Eeek!

We grilled out and had a fun dinner.  Uncle Jordan is not pictured but he did join us!

Colton asked for ice cream sundaes to celebrate!


Summer Gymnastics Meet

Summer LOVES gymnastics!  She had her meet last week and had a blast.  She got 2nd on floor, 2nd on bars, 4th on beam, and 2nd overall.  As I told her going into the meet, it doesn't matter how you do, just have fun!  And she did!  I loved seeing all her smiles as she does what she enjoys.  Here are a few videos and pictures.

Video Floor:

Video Bars:

Video Beam:

Video Awards:

Larkyn also had her last day of gymnastics.  She doesn't have a meet, but she did get to come stand on the block, say TA-DA, and get a ribbon.  She had a mighty energetic TA-DA!

Video of Larkyn:


Larkyn's dance recital got moved to the weekend we will be out of town for a family reunion, so I videoed her two dances this past week.  Larkyn has loved dance this year.  When I asked her which activity she would most like to repeat and do again next year she without hesitation said DANCE!

Video 1st Dance:

Video Tap:


Larkyn has improved so much in swimming this year.  She can now swim quite far with no floaties.  She still needs to work on taking a breath, but she is doing fantastic.  She has one more lesson to wrap up the year, and then will do a camp in July with her siblings.


Soccer is a month and a half in and Colton LOVES it.  He is #5 and plays on the Navy Sharks.  He has scored several goals, is strong on defense, and truly gives each game his all.   My favorite part of watching him play is his enthusiasm for the game!  His coaches are fantastic and really make it fun.

School Stuff

Summer and best friend Anisah at the science museum field trip (Grandpa K chaperoned)

Summer and Larkyn on bus to 2nd grade Stages Theater Field trip (Mommy and Larkyn chaperoned)

Daddy chaperoned Colton's Kindergarten field trip to Children's Museum and Como zoo

From what I hear, Daddy was a really fun chaperone!  (Colton's group)

I helped with the 2nd grade track and field day.  Here is a picture of Summer with her class (front left).

Summer was leader of the week this month and got to bring in a guest reader.  She chose Grandpa K becuase "he has really good voices"!  Grandma, Larkyn and I enjoyed watching as Grandpa read one of Summer's childhood favorite books, Brigets Beret, complete with wearing Summer's beret :).

Summer loved having him come and he did a fantastic job!
Summer's second grade class at the end of year party (note Larkyn was a second grader for the day!!!)

Summer with friends Anisah and Piper

Family Fun

We love when the weather is nice enough to eat outside and get wet!

Using Daddy's Christmas present (Loons bags) for the first time!

Pile on Daddy!

Larkyn's favorite way to fly - on Daddy's feet!

This pic was from last month, but Here is a pic of Daddy and the older two at Feed My Starving Children packing food for those that don't have much.

It was a great experience for the dads and older kids in our small group.

Cousin Fun

This picture is also from last month...Summer loves being a big cousin and walking Charlie around!

Larkyn also loves being a big cousin and all the time she gets to play with Teddy!  Here she is doing a "car wash" with Teddy.
Colton loves playing with Teddy and making him laugh and being the "older brother" to a "little brother" he wishes he had!

Larkyn loves to hold baby Charlie!!!

Happy almost June!  I am ecstatic that there are only two days left of school and then I get my kids home allllllll summer!  Wahooooooo!


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