Friday, April 6, 2018

Colton's CARS birthday party

Colton turns 6 on Tuesday, and he requested a Lightning McQueen party!
 These free ticket invitations were so easy to make here!

  We told him he could invite 5 friends, and he was a total sweetheart requesting that I include in the invitation a special note requesting that Colton's invited friends not talk about his party at school, so as not to make the other boys in his class feel left out.

As our first activity while kids were arriving, we printed Cars activities and coloring sheets from this website.

We chose all Lightning McQueen party goods, and Colton picked out hotdogs, Mac and Cheese, strawberries, car fruit snacks, Cheez-Its, apple juice, and ice cream sundaes for his meal.

We moved all the furniture off to the side of the living room for a big play area for the main activity of the party (making roads with road tape), and Colton brought his cars speedway track and road rug downstairs.

Colton picked out party bags including Lightning McQueen sunglasses, Cars character super balls, Cars stampers, and cars fruit snacks.

Colton was SO excited for his party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love watching Colton interact with his kindergarten friends.  So much laughing and fun!  He really has such sweet friends!

After his friends had arrived, each boy got one roll of road tape to make roads however he wished all over the living room/kitchen.  It's basically masking tape with a road pattern, and is easily removable!  We also had a few rolls of regular masking tape for making parking lots, etc.





 The boys were so entertained for soooo long!  Creating, driving, racing, playing....a few rolls of tape made for tons of fun all the way until dinner time, when I had to interrupt them to come eat :).

 Paul was the DJ of the party, playing music from the cars movies from a playlist on YouTube.   We made the party an optional drop-off party, and a few moms/siblings stayed.  This little brother enjoyed hanging out with Paul :).

 The girls played dolls upstairs for some of the party...and spied on the boys with their binoculars for some too! :)

  Dinner!  Left to Right (Isaac, Aiden, Adrian, Colton, Jaxon).  During dinner Colton picked out a story for me to read the group from his Cars storybook.

 Blowing out 6 candles

So pumped he blew them all out in one breath ;)

Video of Colton Candles:

It was a perfectly "Colton" party and my favorite part was watching him and his friends have so much fun together doing the things Colton loves to do!   Looking forward to more celebrations with family coming up!  Happy early birthday, Colton!  Love you!!!!!


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