Monday, April 9, 2018

Colton, age 6

Here are six 6 year pictures with a six facts about Colton at age 6:

Colton is a happy, enthusiastic, energetic, fun kid!  He is 3'10" (62nd percentile) and 48lbs (62nd percentile).

He loves to be silly and make others laugh, but he also has a sweet serious side that cares very deeply about doing the right thing and about his faith in Jesus.

Colton loves all things Lightning McQueen, will spend hours doing Legos, loves science and how things work, loves to build things and use tools, is looking forward to soccer season starting, and is never lacking in things he wants to do!

Colton would play hours upon hours with his older sister Summer, but has been intentionally working on being kind to and loving his little sister Larkyn.  I have seen huge strides in his intentional acts of kindness toward her, asking her to be on his team during game time, secretly giving her the coveted flavor of yogurt at breakfast, and looking for ways to serve her.  I am so proud of him.

Colton is doing very well in kindergarten, is learning to read (though he doesn't love it!), and is quick with numbers (he loves math!).  He gets along easily with kids at school and is really well - liked.  According to his teacher, he listens well and is obedient at school, and has only needed a FEW reminders to focus due to talking and enjoying his friends!  He is also very responsible at home, doing all his chores without being asked, and very helpful.

Colton is all boy and loves doing boy things and being like Daddy and Grandpa.  He dislikes kisses from his sisters like the plague, but still loves to be cuddled by mom and dad.  Don't grow up too fast buddy!!!


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