Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10th; Happy 6th Birthday Colton!

Colton's birthday started with breakfast in bed!

We read Colton's Bibel and devotional every morning before school, so this morning we read during his breakfast in bed!

Colton had a fun lunch at school!  Not only was it his favorite school lunch (Italian Dunkers) but it happened to also be Kindergarten Fine Dining Day, where tables had table cloths/decorations and parent volunteers and kitchen staff served the kindergartners lunch rather than them going through the hot lunch line.  I had fun getting to serve him on his birthday!

Because his birthday fell on a Tuesday, and Grandma and Grandpa K always come on Tuesdays to watch Larkyn while I volunteer in the kids' classrooms, they brought Colton's presents and let him open them after school.  He was pumped!

 Colton read much of his card, and Grandma helped him with the big words.
He was soooo excited to get a scooter!
He has spent hours already scootering!  He is looking forward to the day when it is warm enough for us to walk to school again so he can scooter!

Grandpa helped him know how to put things in his new Lightning McQueen wallet just like Grandpa does:)

Thank you so much, Grandma and Grandpa,  for your generosity and love!

Colton picked pepperoni pizza, breadsticks, and berries for his birthday meal!

He had a delicious concoction of cupcake, icecream, snickers, and candy for dessert :)

He was SO excited to get this specific lego set.  It was the set he wanted most of all (and also the most expensive!!)  Thanks to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul tag-teaming Paul and I in a joint gift, we were able to get it for him!  Thank you, Uncle Paul and Aunt Nancy!!!!!

Summer was very generous with Colton with a book, her Rubix cube which he had been wanting, and a certificates for things like making his bed for him, special time doing whatever he wanted, and a bro/sis sleepover :).

Colton was so excited to get some more cars!

Larkyn picked out a "Muddy" version of Lightning McQueen from Cars 3 to give Colton.
Colton was soooo looking forward to the last part of his birthday celebration, which was to occur this weekend, as Grandma and Grandpa T and Paul's siblings were going to come celebrate, but our crazy April weekend-long blizzard of freezing rain, hail, snow and blizzard conditions prevented them from coming.  They made a valiant effort to try to come despite the weather, but made the wise choice to turn around part way here as there were many multiple car pile-ups and even a road closure.  Grandma and Grandpa T, thanks for trying so hard to come!  We felt your love from afar and cant wait to celebrate when the weather cooperates!!!  Kinda fun that the birthday celebrating gets to continue even longer now....;)

Happy 6th birthday, Colton!!!


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He looks so happy!!! Glad you had a great birthday Colton!

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