Thursday, March 8, 2018

Save Me a Seat Presentation

 Our school is a Leader In Me school, and I have loved seeing the way our fantastic administration encourages leadership and intentionally implements Stephen Covey's Seven Habits in our kids.  Each year they hold several Leader Fests for the community, and students participate in a variety of ways including giving tours, presentations, singing, etc. 

This past month, Summer and Colton were asked to talk about our One School One Book at the Leader Fest.  For the month of February, each family in the K-5 elementary school was given a copy of Save Me a Seat, a book that families read together and discussed at home.  It encouraged empathy for students in different situations, including the two main characters Ravi, who just moved from India, and Joe, a student with special needs, and their challenges at school.  It also encouraged students to see beyond first impressions to who people really are on the inside, and to be a good friend.  Summer and Colton wrote a speech to give at the Leader Fest on this book, and here is a video of their presentation.


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