Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Colton Stuff

A few fun things about Colton lately...

He went to the Loons opener with Daddy and it was gorgeous weather!

Colton and Mommy's turn for a Tuesday date - Mini Golf!

Grandpa K was doing electrical work in his basement and allowed Colton to help over spring break!  He set everything all up so that Colton could do each step.  Colton put in an outlet, a switch, and 2 light fixtures.  He drilled holes in studs, hammered in boxes, pulled wire, cut wire, bared wire, connected wire to the switch/box, connected wire to the light fixtures with wire nuts, and turned on the power!  It was pretty cool to put into REAL LIFE what he has been connecting/making on his circuit board set he got from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul for Christmas. He is pretty lucky to have such a patient Grandpa to teach him electrical work - Colton sure loved it!  He was very excited to tell us what he did, despite the fact that in the pictures he put on his "too cool to smile" face, lol!


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