Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fashion Show

Summer was so excited to take part in the Fashion Show at the store Justice at the mall.  Her friend Anisah loves this store and told Summer about it so they signed up together for the winter one.  Summer was devastated that she was sick and couldn't participate during the winter show, so I told her she could do the spring one!  The boys stayed home to wrestle and play legos, but Larkyn chose to come watch, and when we arrived to choose the outfit Summer would wear, they offered that Larkyn could participate too, despite the fact that Justice sizes start at size 6 and Larkyn is size 3!  So we chose a tank top for her to wear as a tank dress :).  Both girls got to choose two sets of outfits/accessories and walk the runway twice and had a lot of fun being girly.:)


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