Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paul's Marathon

Paul ran the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend and totally rocked it!  He shaved almost a half hour off his previous time, finishing the 26.2 miles in just over 3 hours and 38 minutes!  What a speedster!  It was fun to watch him and cheer him on.  I was so grateful for all the family support we had on the day of the marathon.  Paul's parents drove down from Fergus Falls to watch and not only made the best posters ever to cheer on both Paul and his sister/bro-in-law, but Paul's dad expertly drove me all over downtown timing out the perfect locations so we could see/cheer Paul at 6 different locations along the course (if I had attempted this myself I would have gotten lost so many times!).  Also, my parents came over in the wee hours of the morning to babysit the kiddos, get them up for the day, and bring them to the finish line.  We had the best support!  Here are some pictures and video thanks to both sets of parents and Paul's sister.

Here are some videos:

You rocked this race, Paul!!!! :) 


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