Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cousin Laura's Wedding

My cousin Laura got married this past weekend in Michigan! 

We are lucky that our kids LOVE road trips, as we spent 18+ hours in the car this past weekend:).  On Thursday after school/gymnastics/work we drove partway to the Dells just long enough to sleep overnight there. 

 We got up the next morning, packed breakfast in the car, and drove to Michigan with enough time for a hotel pool swim before a big all family dinner at my Aunt's church. 

The original 7 cousins plus now 5 added spouses.
Aunt Lynda cooked a delicious dinner for all of our extended family and Laura's fiance' family.

Each of the parents said some words/gave a challenge for the couple after the dinner.

 The next day (which happened to be my birthday) we had fun celebrating,

They sang to me and brought cards/present into my bed :)

swimming in the hotel pool,

going out for a birthday lunch for me,

going for a run with my dad, and then going to the wedding.  The wedding was held at a beautiful park with the reception in a cute rustic barn. 

All of the cousins' kids (great grandkids to my grandparents)

Girl cousins with the bride

It was fun to have everyone together, and the kids were ecstatic about their first wedding dance, as all other dances have been too late in the evening to justify keeping them up! 

Here is a collection of the videos I took at the dance :)

After getting some sleep that night, we headed out Sunday morning for the full day drive back to MN.  It was a great weekend and the kids were awesome travelers!


Jill said...

Your kiddos are great travelers! And, it was great to celebrate your birthday together in Michigan!

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