Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer's Birthday Celebration and 6 year checkup stats

We celebrated Summer's 6th birthday as a family on Monday the 1st, two days before her actual birthday, because we helped to host our neighborhood night out (night to unite) on Tuesday the 2nd, and Paul had tickets to a soccer game on Wednesday the 3rd.  For her birthday menu, Summer chose spaghetti, garlic bread, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and cherry tomatoes. 

 We sang to her with a candle atop a large slice of rainbow confetti cake :)

 Then came presents!
Here is a video of her opening her presents, including a doll princess dress, dolly and me jammies, a doll school locker, paint your own magnets kit, new devotional book, riddle book, and the game Yahtzee. 

Goodnight big "almost" 6 year old!

Instead of having breakfast in bed on her actual birthday, Summer requested to have her breakfast in bed on the weekend so Daddy could be a part of it! Here are some pictures/video:

Summer started off her actual birthday with her 6 year well check.  We all thought it was fun that she was 44lbs and 44 inches (and also got two Yahtzees this week, both all 4's, and her soccer this number was #4!).  She is 28th percentile for height and 46th percentile for weight.

We then headed off for swimming lessons.  I didn't get a picture of Summer in the pool, but I did get one of Grandma T with the littles!  She took Larkyn in the pool for her Mommy (er...Grandma) and Me class!

Then Grandma and Grandpa T let Summer pick anywhere she wanted for a birthday lunch and she picked Culvers!

Summer got an extra large cookie dough Sundae because it was her birthday!
Summer enjoyed lots of Yahtzee that afternoon with both Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, and Colton.  That evening, while the Tommerdahl crew went to the soccer game, Summer picked to have Mac and Cheese.  Then I tucked her and the other two munchkins in for an early night to get all rested up for the next TWO birthday celebrations...her family party the next day and her kids party the following day!


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