Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Job!

Paul accepted a position with a new company, Thrivent, and we are thrilled about the new opportunity!  Along with this job change, Paul has a gap from when his old job ended (August 18th) and when his new job starts (September 6th) which means we get Daddy home with us for 2.5 weeks!  We are LOVING it!  I am living the dream having all of my favorite people home :) Here are a few pictures from when we went out to dinner to celebrate!

Paul picked a Mexican restaurant!

We have been enjoying being home together and doing life together.  This week has been quite low key, as Colton is on day 6 of a fever/cough, however I think we all have been enjoying the relaxed pace of no alarms, minimal commitments, and lots of time together.
We have had LOTS of cuddles every day with nothing to rush off to...and I love it!
We LOVE having Daddy home!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

So, so fun!!! And I'm so excited for you all!!

Jill said...

So excited for and proud of Paul on this new opportunity with Thrivent! And, so glad Colton is all better from that cough!

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