Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cabin Weekend - August 26-28

We headed to my parents cabin for a Kirkwood family weekend August 26-28.  I didn't take many pictures and the weekend went a little different than planned.  Among our unexpected adventures included...

A visit to the ER with Colton, who despite the previous full day of low grade fever, popped back up to over 103 degrees making 8 straight days of fever in a row.  Combined with a horrible cough that made sleeping difficult, we drove the half hour to the doctor on Friday night and were prescribed the most amazing antibiotic.  Although getting Colton to drink the horrible tasting medicine was an adventure ;), it set to work almost immediately helping our little guy feel back to normal!

Our van's check engine light came on during the ride to the doctor Friday night (this is a picture of Paul under the hood).  While it turned out to be nothing major, it changed our travel plans and also required some extra work during the weekend.
Despite our unexpected adventures and rather rainy and cold weekend, we couldn't help but still have fun with our amazing family! 

We celebrated Auntie Kristin's 30th birthday!

The kids all got special craft/activities from my mom's friend Margo (thanks Margo!) and Summer enjoyed making this paper tiara/crown, Colton loved his parachute men, and Larkyn had fun wandering all over the cabin playing with dolls.  A much played game this weekend was "Oh Where oh Where", a form of hide-and-seek which included the kids and Grandpa taking turns hiding a special animal, and the others looking for where it was hidden.

As always, delicious food! (Paul is sweaty from after a long marathon training run!)

And, one of the major HIGHLIGHTS of the weekend, was hanging out with my favorite nephew and stealing cuddles from him as much as possible throughout the weekend!
Thanks for letting us come to your cabin Mom and Dad and for all the delicious food!  We loved hanging out with everyone, playing games, and chatting!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

The best of times!!

Jill said...

Family + cabin = blessed times!

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