Saturday, October 31, 2015

Summer at Southview - Parent's Night and other school updates

A picture of Summer talking at Parent's Night (taken from Southview's Facebook page)
Southview Elementary is a Leader in Me school.  Each week the kids learn about a different skill from the book, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  It is really, really awesome curriculum!  This month the school had a parents night to tell parents about the program, and a few students were asked to give examples of the different principles.  Summer was asked to talk about one of the 7 principles (Win-Win) along with Ali, a 5th grader who is also one of our neighbors and we love her so much!  Here is a little video of Summer talking at Parents Night, giving an example of the Win-Win principle.

This month, Summer was also given special recognition with a group of students for being leaders and responsible in the school. 
Picture taken from Southview's facebook page

Summer is now a part of a special reading group of 1st graders.

At the beginning of the month, Summer was in a pullout group with 4 other kindergarteners who already read well, but was asked last week to instead be a part of 1st grade gifted and talented program for reading and writing.

This is most of Summer's class at their fall party.  I had so much fun helping out with Summer's Fall Party this past Friday!  I worked the beanbag toss game, and because the kids rotated through the stations in groups of four, I am starting to feel like I know the kids names now!
Here is a little video clip of Summer's class in Southview's costume parade.

We are LOVING Southview.  Summer is really holding her own among the 100ish kindergarteners at Southview in leadership and academics, but I am most proud of her kind heart for others and love for Jesus.  One of Summer's classmates' mom told me that her daughter talks most about Summer and how kind she is and how she gives her hugs.  I pray that God's light would shine through Summer at Southview and that she would bring glory to his name and others into His Kingdom by the gifts, talents, and personality he has given her.


Jill said...

Aw, Summer is thriving in her new school and of course this grandma is not one bit surprised about that. :) We are so proud of Summer for jumping in and becoming a part of her school's community of students. But, especially, we are so blessed by Summer's heart for Jesus and how she displays that to her teacher and classmates each day.

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