Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lil Bits of Colton

 Have I mentioned lately how much I love this sweet little guy?!?!?  Seriously though, I am loving and trying to cherish all our time together.

Colton is a total sweetheart with Larkyn.  He loves to make her laugh and is so good about not getting mad at her when she messes up his train tracks, pulls on his ears,  and bops his head (while giggling!).  I love it when the two of them giggle together!  They even started wrestling together and it is pretty cute!

Colton finished his Amazing Athletes class with Coach Jill (awesome coach!) and will be starting his next session tomorrow.

It was pretty fun having friends Brody and Kellen in his class!
This past week, Colton has starting asking SO many good "why" questions.  His brain is really thinking!  Everything from how things work, to why things are the way they are, and some spiritual questions.  He is a very curious little guy!  I feel like I can see him growing up before my eyes!  We started BSF again this morning and he is so confident, walking right into his class, saying hi to his teachers, and so polite.  It is pretty fun that he has one of the same teachers Summer had when she was 3!  He is the same age Summer was when we started BSF (and Larkyn is in the same class Colton was in when we started BSF 2 years ago) and it is fun now that HE is the big kid and telling me all about his morning on the drive home!!  I will end this post with a video of him "teaching" me his math problem.  It is fun to see him understand the concept of addition, however my favorite part of the video is watching him pronounce "three" correctly (th-ree instead of "fwee") at the end of the video.  We have been practicing his "th" sound and it is so fun to hear him say it correctly!  He is sounding older!


Jill said...

Absolutely love that boy. Such a sweetheart. So proud of his "THs" and his math!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Love that boy tooooooo. What a sweetie!!!

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