Monday, October 5, 2015

Larkyn 15 months

 Well I am 5 days late to blog about it ;), but Larkyn is now 15 months old!  She still only has 2 teeth, but in the past few days the top two teeth have finally cut through!  That may explain a bit why the past two weeks she has been a bit crabby and now she seems to be back to her happy self!  She is not walking yet, but is definitely cruising - along walls, furniture, with the help of a walker/siblings/parents/grandparents/etc, and I think she officially now spends more time playing/moving in an upright position vs crawling. 

We brought Larkyn's walker to open gym at the community center

 Some of my favorite things about Larkyn at this age are her facial expressions, personality and how she interacts with the family.  She will say "Tank Do" (thank you) anytime anyone hands her anything, even to a waitress she doesn't know, and it is SO adorable!  She also says "HI!" to many people, including people in stores/around the neighborhood that she doesn't know.  She loves to play Peek-A-Boo, using her hands to cover her eyes, and then removes them to say peek-a-boo.  She will also duck down under a table and pop up to play her own version of peek-a-boo. 

In this video she was saying peek-a-boo until I started the video (of course!).  But she continues the "hiding" ;)

 She loves to join in the conversation and will animatedly jabber as if she were talking.  She will respond to, "Larkyn, How are you?" with "Good!" and will often respond to family dinner conversation with an understanding "O-O-O-O-OH" as if on cue.  Often the rest of us parents and kids alike respond back to her with "O-O-O-O-OH" and she smiles and repeats her response.  We all laugh!  I love these moments.  Another funny things she does - she loves to "pet Colton's head" for some reason!  She will reach over and start petting his head in the grocery store, at home, or wherever - he giggles and loves it!  It's pretty funny.

All 3 kids spend a lot of together time on their "cars" they each got their first Christmas as a baby :)
 Both kids are starting to interact with Larkyn a lot more this month, walking her, carrying her around (Summer), pushing her on her little car, dressing her up, and just including her more in their play.

Cuddling with Summer after school
 I love this video of her giggling at Colton - he LOVES to make her laugh!!

Stealing a very sweet and patient big brother's legos at Lego Land, Mall of America :)

Love those baby blues

Larkyn loves the books on her bookshelf - a few favorites include GoGoBoBo, Daddy Hugs, Snack Time for Cow, Sophie's Pop Up Peek-A-Boo, What Does Baby Do, and many others.  Her favorite food is strawberries, and she calls all red fruit or vegetables strawberries.  Her routine had to be changed up a bit with the start of school for Summer - while she used to sleep 8pm-8pm with a nap from 2-4:30pm, we now have her on a 7pm-7pm routine with a nap from 12pm-2:30pm. 

Larkyn 15 months - weight 19lbs 6oz and height 29 inches.

She is now wearing size 12 month clothing!  She is still our little peanut - 7th percentile for height and 23rd for weight.  She sure has a lot of personality packed into that little body, however! She definitely holds her own in our family, and we wouldn't be complete without her!

I truly wish I had more video of this little girl and her adorable way of saying everything - I will have to do better next month ;) - I just want to hold onto every moment and not forget a thing!  I'll end with this short clip of her with Daddy's coffee mug - which she associates with her daddy - because I love the way she says her Daddy's name :).

 We love you, Larky-Loo!!


Jill said...

Great post, especially as busy as you've been! We love our Larky-Loo!! And, Colton is such a sweetheart!!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Ahhh!! Larky Loo steals hearts with her faces, her babble and her little charming personality! Love you Loo - happy 15 months!!

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