Wednesday, April 9, 2014

OUTSIDE!!!! and Verse of the Week.

YES!  YES!  YES!  I cannot contain the enthusiasm I feel writing this post at how amazing it has been to get outside this week.  The snow is almost all gone!  I find every excuse possible to be outside--to put off my inside chores and work on outside chores, so I am still being productive!

We have quite a to-do list and errands to run this week preparing for Colton's birthday celebrations at the end of this week, so we have taken the opportunity to do lunch outside the past 3 days after we are done with church or running errands.  We pack lunches, and the kids eat in the jogger stroller while I get my workout in for the day.  We head out in the direction of some nearby park (there are so many within a few miles of our house).  After playing their hearts out, we hop back in the stroller, they finish their lunches, I finish my workout, and we arrive home just in time for naps.  Its a beautiful thing!

Lunches packed, ready to eat on the road!

Destination: Park!  Love these two!

Sidewalk chalk has been fun lately....
We talk about, write, practice, etc the letters in Colton's name a lot.  He has been getting better and better at spelling it.  Here is a little video of Colton spelling his name....

Summer is getting much better at riding her bike, and figuring out how NOT to press the pedals backwards and accidentally brake :)..  Here is a little video.

Sometimes I just look at them and think how crazy it was that they used to be babies!  They are going up sooo fast!  Summer is riding her bike all by herself and did the zipper on her jacket for the first time today all by herself (and was ecstatic!) and Colton is climbing up ladders at the park and riding on the big kid swings...woah!  When did my babies grow up?!?!   Colton will be 2 on Thursday!!  Crazy!

I'll end with a video of them being silly (which happens a LOT at the table--I truly love hearing them make each other giggle!) saying their verse of the week....Matthew 25:13: Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

Tomorrow is BSF and then a lunch and park date with some friends..and then on Thursday let the birthday festivities begin!!!!  (Both kids are SO excited...and so is their mommy!)


Kristin Bjorklund said...

SO silly. And SO precious. :) Love those buggers!!!

Jill said...

Yes, let the birthday festivities begin! ;) Can't wait. I love hearing Colton spell his name. And, great job on the bike, Summer!

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