Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11th, Colton and Ian's Kiddie Tractor Birthday Party

Kaity and I co-planned Colton and Ian's 1 year birthday party, and we both decided to do it again for the boys' 2 year party!   My amazing mom took pictures to document the party, so all that I will share here are from her (thanks mom!).  Also a HUGE shout out thanks to "Papa George", our family friend and farmer, who drove his tractor to the party and gave the kids rides.  That was definitely the highlight!

"Farmer Colton" playing at the party :)


Summer and Adry on the scooters

Summer and Adry riding bikes

Pin the wheel on the Tractor

Colton's turn!


Chocolate donuts were "tractor tires"

Rice Krispie treats were "hay bales"

The utensils were pitch forks, saws, and shovels


Papa George on his tractor

Colton's turn to drive!

He was LITERALLY all smiles!

Beautiful Summer took a turn!

Colton and Amelia

Papa George gave the kids rides.  Summer (being not at ALL shy) showed the other kids how it worked ;)

Summer smiled the whole time!

Colton's turn...

Colton took his driving very seriously, and Papa George even let him do the evidenced by the swervy path of the tractor!

Some kids played in the backyard while others waited in the front yard for a turn on the tractor with Papa George

Papa George with his sweet wife Evelyn

Lunchtime!  Sloppy Joe's, MacnCheese, Clementines, and Goldfish

Picture with Mommy and the Birthday Boy!

Me and my awesome hubby!

Family :)

And one last shot...with the photographer :-)
Here are two of each of the kids with their turn for the tractor ride with Papa George...


Jill said...

Such a cute party for two cute 2-year-olds. You and Kaity are great party planners. Oh, I love the videos of the kiddos driving the tractor. Pure delight. Thanks to our dear "family", George and Evelyn for making the party so special.

The Baum Family said...

How fun!!! Looks like a great party!

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