Friday, November 22, 2013

This Week: November 16-22

We have some exciting news to share for Paul!  He got an amazing promotion at work!  He will now be doing his dream job--what he hoped to eventually do when he received his CFA a year and a half ago, but hardly believable that he would land this job so soon!  We are very proud of him!  While he has had to spend a bit more time on work lately, he is so great about spending time with the kiddos!  Some of my favorite pictures from this weekend are when patient Daddy sat quite still for over 50 shots from Dr. Summer and Dr. Colton (shots were so much fun to administer because of the hilarious reactions they received from their patient).  They of course checked his heart, ears, eyes, mouth, toes, ... etc.

On Sunday, Summer and I went on a date to see Fiddler on the Roof, a play going on at the high school I used to attend.  Summer has an amazing memory and loves to be on stage, and I would imagine she will someday be in her high school play :).  She and I had a blast, and it was the first time I felt like I was out with a friend when I was out with my daughter--she was a perfect angel and required no parenting--and I look forward to many more dates like this with her as she gets older.  It was so much fun to see the anticipation on her face each day it got closer to her date and her whispering to me that morning in church several times, "Today is our date, mommy!!!!!"  Here are a few pictures, as well as one of Paul and Colton at home watching football together :).

Here are a few other pictures and videos from our week....

Lunch Playdate with Friends at Ms. Rachael's House

The girls: Summer, Adry, Adelyn, Addison

The boys: Ian, Colton, Rylan

The girls loved the dress up box, and all dressed up as various  princesses

Colton loved the vacuum....

And the pool filled with balls

BSF verse of the Week: Matthew 8:27

Swimming Lessons



Community Center Open Gym

trying to learn hula hoop


Colton's favorite--basketball!
One of the dads randomly organized running fun!

Appointments (Dentist and Hair)

Coloring before dentist appt

looking good!

Getting Summer's split ends cut off and putting a few layers in to even out growing out her bangs

Colton's first successful haircut with no crying...I think it helped having his sister next to him this time!

Having fun around the house


Tunnels and Roads


Art Projects

Playing dolls...
Colton told me he he needed to change (Summer's doll) Nikki's diaper...He said: "Nkki. Poopy diaper. Diaper Change." and proceeded to wipe her bottom with Summer's pretend wipes!

Playing Playdough

Shape Sorter

Pop Up

Cooking and Baking with Mom

Our neighbors gave this to Summer when they were done with it--a little roller coaster set.  Colton had a blast watching the cars go down the track...see next video:


Colton is now able to answer questions like "What did you do today".  He told me after BSF when I picked him up that he played "bubbles" and "blocks" and had "fun".  Grandma K watched him while I took Summer to the dentist and he at dinner that night told me "piggy bank. Grandma. Summer's Room."  He also told us he played blocks and read books with her.  We tried to recreate the conversation on video later...didn't turn out the same of course!...there are quite a few times I have NO idea what he is saying!  None the less, here is the video...

Summer is doing great with reading "at" and "ad" words as well as a few others.  We picked her up a beginner reader book after library story time this week and spent a while one afternoon learning how to sound out the words.  She is great at sounding out the first letter, but often has trouble putting the word together if it is an ending she is unfamiliar with.  She still loves to "pretend" to read, however, and has MANY of our books completely, word for word, memorized.  A current favorite among both Summer and Colton right now is a library book called IT'S A TIGER! and here is a little video of her "reading" it to Daddy and Colton.  Her dramatic reading has her whispering parts of it, so if you want to hear it, feel free to start in the middle or closer to the end :-)


Jill said...

Great post! Kel, you did a great job putting the gymnastics videos of the kids jumping to Go Fish music. It's so cute when Colton starts to return to you after his foot stamp from the teacher, and then he goes back and checks with her to make sure he can leave. Adorbs. :) Love the video of Colton explaining what he and I did when Summer was at the dentist. He was right that we played cars, read books, played blocks and played with Summer's piggy bank in her room. And, yes, we did make tunnels with our legs so the cars and balls could drive through. :) And, there might have been a few airplane noises and some ball throwing, too. :)

The Baum Family said...

Love this post!! Looks like a fun week. :) Summer is doing so well at swimming. Fun to see her progress. The boys liked that video the best. :)

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