Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Part I

Our Thanksgiving this year is in two parts.  Part I was this past weekend, celebrating with the Kirkwood side.  Part 2 will be next weekend celebrating with the Tommerdahl side.

We had a great time in Woodbury at Grandma and Grandpa K's house on Friday and Saturday of this past weekend.  Highlights included delicious dinner, Domino game night, Christmas cookie baking, acting out various Bible stories (per Summer's idea and Grandpa's director guidance), watching a Veggie Tales Christmas DVD, playing with Grandma and Grandpa's toys, and great conversation.  Here are a few pictures I stole from my mom :)...

"Thanksgiving Dinner" on Friday night

Grandma chose an ornament for each person...Colton got a bulldozer!  (Love his little profile!)

Paul got a grill ornament, Mommy a piano, Colton a bulldozer, and Summer got grilled cheese :)

Grandpa and Colton playing Saturday morning

Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric playing with Colton

Kids reading books while we adults finished Friday night's meal

Daddy and Summer working on M&M cookies

Colton helped with baking cookies for longer than I thought he would...this is the only pic of him this moment I was telling him he needed to put the M&M's on the cookies and not eat them ;)  He obeyed with only a little fuss :)

Summer and Daddy's tray is ready for the oven!

Summer put the red hots on Grandpa's cornflake wreaths

Summer and Daddy taking a break from cookie baking to read Curious George

Mommy and Colton

Summer did amazing both at cutting out and sprinkling the sugar cookies.  Huge improvement from last year when her sprinkles came out as a they truly decorate the cookie.  Good job Summer!

Grandma and Grandpa found a Summer-sized bike at a garage sale this summer for their cabin, but had it in their basement this weekend and let Summer ride it all over.  She loved it!

Colton joined in the "parade" and pushed the shopping cart

Love this pic of Grandma and her grand-kiddos!  So sweet :)

Grandpa and Colton!
Although it was only a short 24 hour celebration, it was super fun and we packed a lot in!  Thanks for having us all, Grandma and Grandpa!  We love you!


Jill said...

We loved having everyone here! So blessed!

The Baum Family said...

Looks like tons of Thanksgiving fun!!! <3

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