Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Week: October 5th - October 11th

Here are a few snapshots from our week...


Here is a video of Colton "driving" his cucumber around his tray...made me laugh!  He also learned his first 4-syllable word: "helicopter".

I think Colton is going to be a great singer just like his daddy!  He started matching pitch/tone and rhythm this week.  Here Daddy and Colton are singing a favorite Spanish song about a hippo while they color:

Here is a little video of Colton reading his new "hockey" book.  We took this video for Uncle Eric who LOVES hockey.

Here is a little video of Colton practicing his shapes (big sister was a good helper!)

This boy loves all kinds of balls.  Here is is collecting and pushing them around in a stroller.



With mommy

What's up?


She loves riding this trike all over!

Wearing mommy's heels

Picture of Mommy, by Summer
Preschool this week:

Here is a little video of Summer playing the "subtraction game".  Really its just made up using things we had around the house, but she loves it and requests to play it!

We practiced writing numbers...

Writing her name....(she can do M's by herself now!)

LOVING the white board and marker ;)

tracing lowercase letters

practicing what letter items start with (she is really good at this part)

And her favorite...learning how to use scissors.  Daddy got to be "teacher" for this lesson.  To say Summer was excited would be an understatement!

Outing to Pahl's Market:

Today we jogged over to Pahl's Market, only few miles away, to meet up with some friends and enjoy fall fun!  The highlight was the "corn pit".  Literally a massive "bin" filled with corn.  Even we mom's had fun!

Summer "swimming" in corn with friends Adelyn and Adry


Summer and Adelyn being buried by Adleyn's Daddy, Mr. Luc

The little brothers, Ian, Colton, and Rylan

1, 2, 3 JUMP!

All the kids had fun running around in the hay maze and looking for the "hidden pumpkins" for a looooong time!

I'm off to a women's retreat with 60 other amazing gals this weekend and Daddy has the weekend with the kiddos!  I know I will miss them a bunch, but I am excited to spend time growing closer to the Lord as well as for Daddy to have some fun kiddo time.  :)


Jill said...

Great pictures and videos! Have a wonderful time on the retreat! I know Paul will make the weekend fun for the kiddos. Paul, be sure to take lots of pictures and videos. :)

The Baum Family said...

Looks like a fun week!!! That big giant corn pit looks like so much fun! Loved Colton saying helicopter! :) Tell Summer good job on her name! Happy birthday a day early, Kel! <3

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