Thursday, October 17, 2013

Colton 18 months

On Tuesday we had Colton's 18 month check-up.  It was his first time on the big kid scale!!  No shots at this appointment made us all happy, and Colton was pretty excited about his "choo choo train" sticker :-).

Reading books while we wait

Big Sister

Look at me on the big kid scale!

I weigh 27 lbs (85% ) and am 33.5 inches tall (83%)
I'm not sure where he get's his height from ;) but it is good that he is a healthy boy!  It was Colton's first appointment with no tears and he giggled when the doctor was pressing on his tummy! 

Colton at 18 months
-super smiley, happy, giggly,
-obedient almost all the time (except right before naps)
 -cuddly after naps,
-always moving,
-loves cars, trucks, wheels, balls, books about cars, trucks
-loves his big sister like crazy and wants to be just like her
-is great at his "please and thank you" manners
-great independent player
-"beautiful eyelashes" is almost always the first comment I hear from strangers!
-loves his blue monkey blankie, Baby Deer, and carting around his "water" cup
-The most amazing little boy blessing in the world!

WE LOVE YOU, Colton Buddy!


Jill said...

Colton is the sweetest little guy! So glad he is healthy.

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