Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sibling Fun

The past two weeks have marked a SUPER fun change in my kiddos--they play TOGETHER now....all the time!  It is so much fun to watch them play and truly interact together.  I think Colton talking now has made the biggest difference.  Anyway, here are a few pics of them lately...

Summer and Colton spent a half an hour concocting a way for him to be able to get on top of the bed with Summer :)

Water break at the park

Relaxing together while mommy shops at Target

Packed in the car, and ready to leave for the cabin!

Having lunch with Daddy at work

YAY Menards!

Laundry Basket Boat (Summer might have been on Colt's foot in the pic, hence his tears!)


Jill said...

Those two are just so precious together. :)

The O'Connor Family said...

So fun to see them play together!! They look like such good buddies! :)

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