Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day and Race

We went up to my parents' cabin over Labor Day and ran in the Lake Run--super fun!  Here are a few pics I stole from my mom (Thanks mom!).

Ready to Race!  (Dad, Paul and I did the 9-mile around-the-lake run, and Kristin and Eric did the 5K/3mile)


Eric and Kristin had a great race!  Eric got 1st in his age class and Kristin got 3rd in hers!

Our fans!
Paul finishing (7:40 mile average for 9 miles!  WOAH!)

Finishing strong!  I wasn't the fastest, but I was happy with my 9 min mile average for 9 miles :-)

Grandpa did awesome!

After the race

Paul got first place in his age category!  He ran close to a 7.5 min mile for 9 straight miles!  Amazing!

Mom had a cake to celebrate the race :-)

Colton loved washing his feet

On the pontoon

On the pontoon

On the Pontoon

Jumping in!

Eric and his dad were both awesome skiiers!

Awesome Spray!

The kids with Eric's mom, Ms. Kay

My little monkey at the park

1, 2, 3, GO!

Colton wants to do EVERYTHING Summer does!

She loves climbing!

Colt is quite a little monkey too :)

Playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O

Eric Skiing the Slalom Course

Silly Uncle Eric wearing a bib!


Jill said...

It was a great weekend! Loved having everyone at the cabin!

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