Monday, September 9, 2013

Preschool at home!

Summer just turned 3 in August, and even though most of her friends are starting preschool this year, we decided wait.  However, we are doing preschool at home!  Between Pinterest, my friend Kaity (who is doing the same thing with her daughter Adelyn), and all the other resources there are at the library and on the internet, I am excited to bridge Summer's "tot school" into "preschool" :). 

So far we have worked on writing letters (both on paper and in salt on a baking tray), creating patterns in various ways such as when we string beads (she can do a 4 sequence repeating pattern now), basic addition and subtraction (adding and subtracting 1 from a number usually when we are eating fruit snacks, goldfish, etc), and beginning phonics/reading.  Summer is very interested in and ready to learn to read.  She spends (literally) hours a day either listening to books as I read to her or flipping through books on her own and pretending to read!  She knows almost all of her letter sounds now, so over the past few weeks we have been working on how to sound out words with similar endings.

Today after lunch (while Colton was napping) was her first day of successfully sounding out letters on her own and putting them together to form a word.  (We are working on the words found in book 1 on this website--thanks Kaity for introducing me to it! )  Summer was pretty excited the first time she got all of the "at" words by herself!  On this video you see her progressing from sounding out individual letters to putting the sounds together to form words.


Jill said...

Wow, Summer! Reading when you just turned 3!! Good job!! And, it looks like Mommy makes it so much fun with the special cards!

The Mac-Trans said...

Great job Summer (& Mama)! So fun our girls are doing some of the same stuff, not to mention we can bounce ideas off each other! :)

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